Saturday, February 28, 2009

Columbus Mother of Twins Spring Sale- a total success!

I live for this event twice a year. As a member of the Columbus Mother of Twins Club I have the golden opportunity to shop and sell at this amazing sale. You combine about 150 families who all have at least twins, but some of us have triplets, quads and even quints- and you bring all the unwanted baby and kid related merchandise together for a huge resale bonanza. This sale is only open to club members Friday night, and is open to the public for 4 hours the next day. The Columbus Mother of Twins Club Sale is a well oiled machine!

The sale is held at the junior high school in Hilliard, using the gym, multipurpose rooms and cafeteria- the place is jam packed with primo bargains ripe for the picking.

This year I planned to sell more than I planned to buy- due to the fact that Baby Charlotte is really not a baby anymore and most of her "stuff" is gathering dust at home. It was high time to purge the obsolete and outgrown clothes, cribs, car seats, and exersaucers. In case you are wondering, I shed many a tear when Jeff broke down the 3 cribs and loaded them in the van. When you get rid of cribs it means your baby days are over.

As I put our baby stuff in the proper departments and sale areas I hoped that someone would buy and enjoy the items as much as we did. I know it is silly to get sentimental about material things, but there are certain memories- great memories, associated with these objects. I have pictures to help me recall it all, but seeing it there in a sea of other gear made me emotional.

To ease my pain I did a fair amount of shopping in the toy department. I was able to score some very cool things.I bought this wooden abacus for $2.00 and Charlotte was totally enthralled with it. I grabbed a ziploc bag full or dinosaurs for a buck, and the main haul were these4 Radio Flyer Tricycles for an average price of $11 each. I could not leave without Big Elmo and an enormous Clifford the Big Red Dog since they were a dollar a piece, I figured I could not go wrong. The kids told me to go to the twins sale again next week. Thankfully, this event is only twice a year- otherwise Jeff would be tagging and selling everything that was not nailed down, and I would be bringing home tons of treasures for any profit he would be making. We would probably break even at some point, potato potatoe, tomato tomatoe.

I really do get a kick out of pricing and watching the kids' clothing sell. I sold so many pieces for more than what I originally bought them for NEW. My kids wore the clothes for an entire season and then I sold them for the same price at the twins sale. My favorite gymboree dresses from last spring were about $9.99 after the coupons and gymbucks and last night I sold 6 of them for $10 a pop. The club takes 10% of the sales for expenses, so I will call it even. Check out the vast sea of pre-owned clothes,

it is hard to believe that at the end of the sale there were just a few tables with anything left. I brought the equivalent of 8 humoungous laundry baskets full of clothes and donated the 7 remaining pieces that did not sell. The club allows low income qualified families to come and shop when the sale is officially over- the CMOTC members have the option to take home their unsold goods or donate them on the spot. It is a really charitable group of moms and I am really proud to be a member of the club.

I came home with a few odds and endslike these adorable ladybug rain slickers and mathching rain boots for the girls. No boy is complete without some Spiderman Pajamas and these were $2 for the set.

Eli and CJ could not wait to get ready for bed tonight. They were so jazzed to wear these Spiderman jammas that they went to be early. Now if I can just do this every night I would be stoked.

After the success of this sale I am already planning another hair-brained scheme to re-do the storage and organization of the kids' nursery closets and toy area. I saw dollar signs in there this weekend and I am in serious need of a pedicure. Do you think Jeff will ease up the ban on spa treatments when he sees the check from the twins club?

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