Thursday, February 26, 2009

4 Co- Pays and some $25 gift cards

I spent last night getting about 15 minute intervals of sleep between coughing fits coming from little people down the hall. I ended up putting Eli in bed with us because he was really scary- his cough was the worst. We were all cozy until he coughed so hard he puked- all over Jeff. It was the second vomit related coughing spell of the evening, and it was right then and there that I decided it was time quit using homeopathic remedies like Vicks and Steam and it was high time to take them in to the docs office.

I called and spoke with my favorite nurse right at 8:00 this morning. The switchboard opened and bam, I had 4 appointments back to back. Thankfully, I went with my gut instinct and did not wait the "two weeks" that the "other" nurse suggested. After 4 co-pays and a stressful 72 hours the verdict was in:

Eli: right ear infection and virus,
CJ: virus, rash, and fever,
Natalie: virus and fever
Charlotte: double ear infection, fever, virus and 2 year molars starting to come in

My sweet pediatrician (I love her) faxed the scripts over to Giant Eagle so I could use the drive through window to pick them up on the way home. Can you imagine the work involved with buckling and unbuckling 4 car seats, and schlepping 4 whiny, sick kids through the whole store just to get their medicine? Ugh, no thanks! The pick up window is my friend. I had a hunch we would have some medicines called in, so I put 2of these coupons in the van. Click the link to view, then click the icon to make the image larger, then print to use. Giant Eagle matches competitors coupons so this Walgreen's $25 Gift Card came in handy for two $25 Giant Eagle Gift Cards, one for Charlotte's Omnicef and the other for Eli's Omnicef. I thought about using the $25 for big green martini olives and tabloids but in this economy, I am using them for the important stuff, like ice cream.

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Kerry said...

I cannot imagine controlling 4 kids in the room waiting for the dr. I'm glad there's a happy ending--gift cards and ice cream!

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