Monday, January 19, 2009

WHEW! A Whirlwind Weekend

We managed to cram as much activity as humanly possible this past weekend. I have been thinking about updating the blog but just have not had a moment to do so. See- not a vacation, just a change of scenery. We drove all night in frigid temps and arrived for breakfast on Friday. As I got ready to dress all the small people I realized that the one thing I forgot to bring was the bag of boy shoes. Oopsie. So before we could attend the Funky Mama Music Show at 9:30 I had to purchase Eli some shoes. Target opened at 8:00 and through the fresh snow I traipsed in and scored some great shoes off of the clearance. I know I know, I said I was boycotting Target, and I have been, up until now. When it is a dire emergency or if they are practically giving away the stuff...well, my integrity is compromised. I caved- I can be bought- and Target had my number.

I got back, dressed all 4 kids, and guess what? Those amazing shoes I found for Eli were too small. I swear that kid has had a growth spurt. Do you know how when selecting a puppy from the pound, you look at their paws to determine how big they will get? This rule does not apply to my son. This former preemie has just shot up. Plan B was to take him into the concert in socks, be on time, and deal with the footwear disaster afterwards.

The kids had a blast singing and dancing with Funky Mama.

Their smiles and giggles were captured in the still pics, but since I had video capability, I made a short little movie so you could jam with us and all the inter generational guests (young and old) at Village Shalom. When I get the chance to download it I will put it here.

As soon as the show ended I hustled back to Target (Target Trip #2) and exchanged the small shoes for bigger ones. I had my receipt and life was good- I just needed a bigger size. Turns out my timing was beyond great because they just reduced the shoes another 30%. Hmmm, now they were an exceptional value. I ran back grabbed as many in the various future sizes and scurried out to the van before Argenida and the natives became restless.

After lunch the wee ones were sleeping, so I made it to the second nearby Target (trip #3) and found a better selection of all kinds of shoes and boots. I am talking about children's shoes and boots reduced to $3.42 a pair, then take an additional 30% off. How could I resist? I can usually gauge sizes in advance but with as fast as Eli's feet are growing, I just stocked up on every whole and half size for the next year or two.

We left for dinner at Waldo Pizza a bit early. On the way there I stopped at the Target at Ward Parkway. Target stop #4 if you are still counting. Being a more urban based store, the selection there was even more lush and I even got Jeff a pair of Champion brand snow boots for $4.24. After finding some matching sets for Natalie and Charlotte we scooted over to join the cousins for Gluten Free pizza. CJ adores being able to eat pizza in a restaurant and Waldo Pizza also has GF chocolate cupcakes. YUM!

Saturday morning was the day for Lilly Bee's big birthday bash. The venue was Paradise Park in Lee's Summit and it was all I could do to get the kids out of there after 3 hours of games, creative play, and a cooking class.

These photos can not come close to doing her party justice. Lillian's third birthday party rocked! I know there is a Target Superstore in Lee's Summit, but the kids were in dire need of a nap, so we went directly back to the house.

So while the kids were sleeping on Saturday afternoon, guess where Rachelle and I went? YES, we did. Target stop #4 for the South KC target near Martin City. This time I had Aunt Rachelle along and she was stocking up for her crew. Seriously- how can you not buy your kids some really adorable kicks for less than 3 bucks? I am sure my BIL Nat thought she was crazy when she said, I just bought Samuel 8 pairs of shoes- but he has learned of Aunt Helene's hair-brained schemes, and he has come to expect nothing less.

This is what my own personal loot collection looked like after my Target runs. I took some close ups of the actual shoes so you could see that I was not buying some dog ass ugly shoes for $3.

These are good looking, practical shoes. I would be willing to bet that after my kids wear them, and they are USED SHOES, I can re-sell them at the Moms Of Multiples sale and get every bit of what I just paid back.

Saturday night we attended a Jewish Hoe-Down at Lillian's preschool. It was geared for the kids to just dress like cowboys and have fun- which clearly, they did.

Jews and Western wear always remind me of Blazing Saddles and if you see me smiling in my cowboy boots and black suede skirt, that is why- I love Mel Brooks and all the while the boot scoot boogie was being video taped on my camera I was laughing my ass off at the absurdity of it all. Thankfully the kids were really having a ball.

Sunday's weather heated up into the 50's and the snow was gone. It was sunny and really pleasant so we dragged all 6 kids three years old and under out for breakfast at Mimi's cafe. This outing was followed by a carousel ride at Oak Park Mall. The kids played so well that I was able to sneak away with Argenida and Jeff in charge, and hit Gymboree to redeem my Gym Bucks certificates. I got some great deals on their 60% off rack and then used a gymbuck which is essentially a 50% off coupon. My non spending freeze is still on and when I added up what I saved versus what I spent I doubt anyone would believe me. I spent less than $100 and had merchandise with a retail value of over $970.

Since it was officially Lillian's actual birthday we got carry out from Jacks Stack and had another celebration.

Lillian opened presents and all her cousins helped her enjoy her new toys. They looked so freakin adorable in their matching pajamas.

I put the kids to bed and spent the rest of the night checking email for the first time in 3 days. I got all caught up, edited photos, did 2 loads of laundry and packed up all the new shoes for transport home. WHEW! What a whirlwind weekend. See why I said taking the kids to Kansas City is not a vacation; It is a change of scenery!


Kerry said...

I am dying to go to Target. I bet you bought all the boys' sizes I would need. :) I just love reading your blog!

Jennifer Fine said...

Thanks for the Target heads up!! I was there today....JACKPOT:) Helene, your blog cracks me up!! Hope all is well and that you had a great time in KC. If you are ever in St. me!!

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