Thursday, January 15, 2009

We're goin to Kansas City- Kansas City here we come!

Taking all of our little people on a trip is not a vacation, it is a change of scenery. There is the same if not more, amount of work involved in my hair brained travel schemes. Current scenario: Tonight we will be driving all night from Columbus and will arrive in Overland Park, KS at breakfast time. Yeah, we are nuts. I admit to it. Whack jobs R-US!

The packing alone is a full time job- just organizing and gathering 4 sets of outfits with all the proper accessories is a time consuming task. Socks, underwear, hair bows, belts, and shoes have to be included. Add to it that I prefer our children to be color coordinated- okay, matching like the Von Trapps. After hunting and gathering all the clothes, shoes and accessories there are pajamas, and since it it is Wintertime, we have to schlep along outerwear too. Keep in mind that when you anticipate how many days and nights worth of apparel needed, you then have to allow for overage to cover any potential spillage mishaps or accidental release of bodily fluids. We factor the following: Pee, Poop, Snot, Barf, Ketchup, and Syrup into the daily clothing allowance- it calculates to about 1.45 outfits a day per child at best.

In order to keep track of all of our stuff I had to invent a system. I pack each complete ensemble in a gallon size ziploc labeled for each small person. This insures that all the items are packed and stay together. It also makes it easier for me to delegate a helper- I can just toss the bag to the adult, point to the assigned child, and say, "Here! Gett-um dressed!"
This is what it looks like after I am finished assembling everyone's baggies. They fit neatly inside the suitcase which gets stacked on top of the van in a handy dandy luggage carrier. Remember the Hawaiian floral one no one wanted? We still got it and it is good to go! This system is great for us and those ziplocs get used time and time again. At the end of the day all the dirty laundry goes into a central laundry bag and the recycled ziplocs store anything contaminated with poop, pee, snot, barf or food stains. When we get home it helps distinguish the pre-treatment needed to rescue the soiled items.

Is it all worth it? Yes and No. While our cozy home is never boring, it is always fun to explore new territory and visit friends and family. The kids have absolutely no idea what an undertaking it is to pack em up and move em out, but they do know that it is fun to go out of town. So happy trails to the silly Slutskys- we are goin to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come. They got some crazy BBQ and I am gonna get me some!

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Ellen Mrukowski said...

Have a fun time and safe drive back! Hopefully grandma is doing better? We enjoyed our playdate. Hope to see you soon! xoxo, Ellen

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