Tuesday, January 6, 2009

That's My Girl (s)

I believe in exposing our little people to various activities, languages, customs and music- you know I am all over the map with field trips and hair brained schemes to teach them new things. I try and try to find new ways to help them grasp concepts and skills. It amazes me what they have the ability to absorb- and it is always funny to me when they mirror me with their knowledge. My parents keep referring to Natalie and Little Helene and frankly, it is getting scarier by the day.

For example- Last week at Giant Eagle I was signing the triplets into the program. All of them were anxious to get in the playroom and start the fun. They were mildly annoyed that it was taking so long. Eli kept pulling my quilted black double C embroidered purse as it dangled from the shoulder straps. I asked him nicely to stop yanking the straps because it was hurting my shoulders. He continued to grab it. I sternly re-directed him and reminded him that purses are NOT for pulling. He did not quit and I finally had to say, "ELI, STOP PULLING ON MY BAG, IT IS CHANEL!" He of course stopped not because of the importance of Chanel, but because my voice indicated that I was on my way to getting really pissed off. Later in the week Eli and Natalie were messing around in the family room at home. Natalie was carrying around her little dog in the pet purse. The purple plush tote with a fluffy stuffed dog inside of it made Eli jealous, so naturally he was nudging Natalie to let him have a turn. He was relentless. No such luck as Natalie was not about to share. Eli continued to whine and started grabbing for it. Miss Natalie pulled it back, snatched it away from his hands and said, "ELI I ALREADY TOLD YOU, NO, STOP GRABBING IT, IT IS CHANEL!" Ahhh, that is my Girl!

Now in keeping with my influence on the females in my home, I took Charlotte to a play area at Kidscape. They had a little boutique of magnetic doll forms where much like paper dolls of yesteryear, you could add clothes to the flat bare dolls. These are a modern version that cling via magnet style cardboard. They were unbelievably cool to play with and the choices of outfits was endless. The fashions ranged from sports apparel to ball gowns with hundreds of options. So many clothes to choose and the possible combinations were in the 100's! What did my 18 month old daughter select for her doll form?
A green shirt with pink pants! Of all the combinations she went with Pink and Green! Oh my goodness, Lilly Pulitzer and I are so proud! That's my Girl!

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