Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Daze

Remember last week when I had all the kids at the playground in light jackets? Kiss that good-bye. Hello Columbus, Hello Snow, Hello Schools out, Hello Misery. I am mildly sedated with cold medicine, I have delirious images of beaches, and I am moderately confused as I type on a tiny screen. It is freezing cold, snowing, the kids are all home and driving me insane, Jeff and I both have terrible head colds and our satellite and internet are down. Calgon take me away, the snow days are becoming snow daze.

Last night after driving to 3 gas stations to find an air pump to inflate our Diego sleds i discovered that these machines freeze up in winter and do not work. I tried to explain it to three three year olds who were wanting to go sledding and they did not care or understand why- they just knew we were supposed to go and were disappointed that we could not pump up the sled. I tried one last time at Mr. Tire in New Albany, thinking that perhaps a tire shop would have air hoses and SHABANG, we got lucky. Dan the 300 pound biker offered to help me inflate the sleds and when he saw Diego on the center he said, "What no Dora?" It cracked me up and we chatted about our favorite Noggin characters- turns out Dan has two kids and was more than happy to help save the day.

We went straight from Mr. Tire to the New Albany Country Club. They have an amazing hill designed for sledding. It is right between the club house and the golf course and the only thing that could have made the winter wonderland experience better would have been hot cocoa and heated chair lifts. But alas, the kids got to go sledding.

They loved climbing up the "mountain" and riding down. It was bitter cold and we lasted only a few runs but the photos prove how much fun we had.

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