Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Seeing it at all ages

This is Grandma Eichenwald. These photos were taken on the day Barack Obama was sworn in as The 44th President of the United States. Can you imagine all the things that she has seen in her lifetime? Grandma can recall days without electricity, cars, television and microwave ovens. She has lived to see all of these, see the 6 great grandchildren 3 years and under --and now, she has lived long enough to witness an African American President. She has officially seen it all. It was an emotional day at her "house" for the residents and the staff.

I brought the kids there to watch the ceremony on the huge projection screen television. They were dressed in Red, White and Blue and helped cheer along side people 95 years older. The residents enjoyed seeing all the kids participate in the party. There were balloons, party hats, flags and refreshments- my kids were in awe!

The crew enjoyed themselves in the play room after the inauguration. If we could design a play area for our home, this would be the model. It is perfection.

There are plenty of toys, a tee pee crawl space window, shelves from floor to ceiling, funky cool carpet, and a place for everything under the sun. I took lots of photos of this area- note to self, a sound-proof playroom is GENIUS.

So as we welcome Barack Obama as the President and we spend time with Grandma we are able to see the life changing events through the eyes of both a 98 year old and a three year old, or two, or three!

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