Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Natalie's first salon experience- I have created a monster

The time had come. Natalie needed a hair cut. My budget allowed for choices limited to Super Cuts or the Barber Shop where I take the boys (when Jeff isn't butchering them) or I could have paid a bloody fortune and taken her to a la dee dah salon. I have a small balance left on a gift card to a very nice full service shop, and I decided to make her first haircut experience as comfortable as possible. BIG Mistake! VERY BIG! I think I have set the bar too high for future cuts, but live and learn.

Natalie enjoyed all the attention from her stylist.

She sat still, held a pink comb, and kept an eye on the mirror. When all was said and done it was a very successful field trip- just us. No boys. She declared that her hair was so beautiful, and that she looked like a very pretty mermaid, which in Natalie-speak is the highest compliment.
Her new doo was followed by a pink lemonade lollipop which was the icing on her cake. All the glamming up went to her head- literally!

As we were driving home Natalie was chattering on and on about her appointment. She gave me the play by play as if I had not been there. First Sherri squirted my head with water, then she combed it with a pink comb, then she used scissors to cut it off on the floor, then she combed my hair some more, and then I looked like a mermaid. YEAH YIPPEEE Mommie I am a mermaid. And, in her sweetest voice, she said,

NK: Mommie, Can we go back to see Sherri everyday?
me: I said no just once in a while.
NK: What day is it?
me: It is Tuesday today.
NK: Can we go to have my hairs done tomorrow on Wedneday?
me: No we only go every so often but not everyday.
NK: How about we go there again on Friday?
me: I will let you know when it is time to go there again, so you don't have to
ask me anymore, ok?
NK: Ok I will be waiting to back there very soon- maybe we can do it on Sunday?

ACK!!! I have created a monster here. As if I did not have enough to deal with already. Now I have listen to a 3 year old negotiating for spa services? OHHH Please, I can barely ever get myself there yet alone pay for it, and now this? I swear this is so wrong. I do not deserve this. Little Helene is kicking Big Mama Helene's sorry ass. HELP!


Kirsten Larsen said...

so funny! i did the same for Arden's first real hair cut. She was very calm and polite, told the stylist she liked it, then, as soon as we were outside, asked me to wash her hair because it was too "poofy".

Aaryn said...

Should I add spa on the list of things that only Aaryn does?

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