Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Wild Hair Brained Scheme- FIASCO!

Lord Help ME NOW....every time I get a wild hair up my ass to start organizing and cleaning something goes horribly wrong. EVERY DAMN TIME. In the spirit of being more organized with laundry and dressing the family of 9 I decided to empty the contents of the laundry room and start over.

I painstakingly took all the clothes, cleaning supplies, and trash out of the room and poured it into various piles on the hallway floor. A whole load in a pile of each: red, black, white, bright colored, and pastel laundry, towels, hand wash, dry clean only items. I gathered all the dead bounce dryer sheets from every crevice, removed lint, and my adorable husband moved the washer & dryer away from the wall and swept all the crap out from under and around. Who knew there would be so many single socks?

I normally only dry the clothes for a few minutes, then I hang them to dry the rest of the way- I find this keeps them looking newer- and up until the CPSIA law, bringing more resale value. Ahhh, after grabbing all the empty hangers and stacking them on the kitchen island I was armed and dangerous. I was just 10 loads of laundry away from being completely satisfied on a Saturday night. YEEE HAW!

While I was slaving away in the laundry room I put the little ones to work too. I gave them each some baby wipes and asked them to clean the living room.

Considering there are 8 hands scrubbing with a moistened towelette, it is a start- but it does not even scratch the surface. The wipes do leave behind a refreshing cucumber melon scent. BONUS!

I started the first load of bright colors and went to put the kids to bed. I found Eli and CJ monkeying around in the hallway bathroom. We have had 3 toilet trained kids for over 5 months now and I ever so pleased to report that I no longer have to supervise them when they use the bathroom. I have spent 3 years micro-managing their bodily functions and finally, I am to a place where they can just take care of business on their own. OR NOT. Apparently the boys found a bottle of nail polish in the trash and decided to paint their toenails, and legs.
I was mortified at first glance it looked they got a hold of a razor and were bleeding. The lesser of the evils was that it was just polish and it could be removed. THANK G-D we have hard surfaces in all the bathrooms- can you imagine if we had carpeting? Can you say it with me, FIASCO!

I got the kids to bed and decided to turn in early myself. I woke rested and ready to tackle mountains of laundry. Imagine the horror when I discovered that the washing machine shot craps. Dead as a doornail, no water, no agitation, no nothing. I would have cried if I thought it would help. I scheduled a service call with GE and they will be here Tuesday to repair my world. Now what in the hell do I do with all my piles until then? Trust me, I am not hauling these mounds to a laundromat and suffice to say it is beyond hand washing and hanging to dry. Damn it, if only I had my own reality show like Jon and Kate- then magically the helpers, crew and TLC directors could pitch in and lend a hand. No such luck.

In the meantime- I hunted and gathered all the bows and put them on the bow boards. Prior to this there were bows scattered all over the house, in cupholders of the van and tucked away here and there. For those of you with girls, you can appreciate what a complete pain the ass these cute bows can be. It is torture when Natalie gets dressed and the appropriate bow is missing. No more digging and shuffling now, all the bows are in their appointed spot. Let's see how long this lasts.

Now you can understand why I hesitate to start projects around here- sometimes it is just no worth the aggrevation.

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The Husband said...

I would be happy if you could just uncover a half of dozen pair of matched socks. Hell, even if they're close to the same color it would work. It has to be better than the bright blue Hanukah socks I wore today. Where do they go? I don't get it.

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