Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Looking Back on Sunny Days

It is raining and about 34 degrees right now. The forecast calls for falling temperatures and a windchill of minus zero by evening. As I sit at the computer I find myself daydreaming about being anywhere but in Columbus. Looking outside of my office window it is grey sky as far as the eyes can see. To take my mind off of the gloom that is our local weather I spent a few minutes viewing the folder of photos taken just 6 years ago this week (January 2003) when Jeff and I were in Cabo San Lucas on our honeymoon. Look at how relaxed and innocent we were back then. No worries of nail polish on hardwood floors, no smeared poop on the headboard of the daybed, no blue marker on the leather couch, and we were enjoying ourselves! Jeff, remember how we got this trip paid for with Barter (trade) dollars so it did not cost us a dime? I know it sounds hard to imagine, but we were actually sick and tired of sleeping on this trip. Can you believe that we were bored? Who knew how drastically our lives would change in just a few years. Six years ago this week we were over-rested and relaxed beyond comprehension....and today, we are freezing our tushes, waiting for the GE repair man to fix the washer, and we are trying to shuffle our schedules to multi-task our family of 9 people. I leave you with a quote from Sesame Street, "Sunny days sweepin the clouds away, On my way to where the air is sweet, can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?"

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