Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kindermusic is Kinder FUN when One to One

We took all the kids to a session of Kindermusic last night. This is like a music preschool jam session for 2-4 year olds. The room is action packed with dancing, stories, music, singing and hoopla. My kids loved it and I felt a little guilty that we don't really do anything like this at home- probably due to Mommie overload and general laziness. Let's face it--- they outnumber me! I think my kids are totally deprived in this arena because we are two parents with 4 little ones. I know it is not their fault they arrived in triplicate, but can you imagine schlepping all 4 of them to a hands on music class once a week? I would need Kinder-Martini time before, during and afterwards, then maybe, just maybe they could sign up. My adult to child ratio does not jive with Kindermusic.

The biggest hit of the night were the used, trade-in pianos just outside the classroom. The piano store allows (tolerates???) the children playing them prior to the class. This should be an infomercial on why you should not buy a used piano.

These suckers are abused weekly before and after Kindermusic. Even though the little Liberaces are told to play them gently, and nicely- you can only imagine the hell these uprights have seen. Sticky, boogery, quick little fingers banging away. Note to self: When buying a piano, DO NOT buy USED from a shop that houses Kindermusic classes.

Check out the silly time we had while going to Kindermusic. I am sure my BIL was having a ball too- and look at the smiles on all the faces.

Kindermusic is a hit! The kids got stamps on their skin and of course, CJ had the teacher put his on his belly! I managed to cuddle
and participate as much as possible but was way overworked. Check out all the perky and energetic families here in the background. There is one darling couple and their daughter- yes, one child getting undivided attention from TWO PARENTS. There is another enthusiastic set of parents with a son and a daughter- yes, that is one to one parental math, and my sister & BIL with two kids for a whopping one to one ratio. With Jeff at work I am seriously thinking about adding a few more husbands. Jeff does his best to keep up with me and all of my shenanigans- but we could use help with trash removal, landscape and gardening, home repair, snow removal, and general construction, and now we can add kindermusic to the list of reasons why I want an additional husband or two, or three! My solution to the ratio is simple, we need a few more husbands. Picture me in the center, surrounded by Jeff and all my other spouses- sort of a reverse of this: Only my husbands would dress much snazzier, and we would look more like the Von Trapps and less like HBO's Big Love. I wonder if they have Kindermusic classes in Utah? I guess Kindermusic is fun when the odds are one to one!


Miss Christa said...

Yes yes yes! There are Kindermusik classes every where. Go to and "find a class" It will ask for your zip code.

Most Kindermusik educators I know are experienced with having families of multiples and are willing to help out the weary moms and dads.

So glad you had a great time.

Miss Christa
Kindermusik with Miss Christa and Friends
Albany Ohio

Paige said...

Hey I'm a kindermusik Mom with 4 kids and I think you are hilarious. Great post.

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