Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Love Global Warming in January

We are still here in Overland Park, Kansas. It is 25 degrees and snowing in Columbus. Muhahahaa! It was a balmy 56 degrees and sunny here. This Global Warming stuff ROCKS!

I took the kids to the park after nap time and they played outside with just light jackets on. They kept asking why the park was open if it was winter. WHY? Oh lord let the why's relent. I finally just said, "Listen, the play parks in Columbus are closed because it is winter and it is freezing there. This is a Kansas January paradise and the park is open, so just play and have fun and stop asking me WHY-- Okay?"

After they were over stimulated with physical activity and exhausted I thought it would be safe to expect them to sit still in a restaurant for dinner. Considering the choice dining establishments I selected Sweet Tomatoes, and they did fine. It is the furthest from Gourmet or Glamorous and it is kid approved. On the Mom of Multiples rating system, Sweet Tomatoes gets high praise. It is everything a parent wants in a dining with 4 children experience. It is cheap (kids 3-5 years old are $1.69 each- kids under two are FREE!) it is quick since it is a buffet, and it is dietary need/allergy friendly because you make your own plates. My kids behaved like angels and I even let them eat soft serve ice cream at the table. As you can see they really LOVED it.

Loved equals a sticky, dripping, disgusting mess. I felt sorry for the bus-boy and left a tip- can you imagine how bad our table was if I left a tip at a cheap ass buffet place? I am quite certain I was the only person to consider such an act of generosity.

If the Global Warming continues here we may become regulars at I-Lan Park and Sweet Tomatoes.

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