Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year- It is the Year of the Ox, or is it the Year of the Polar Bear?

My amazing and truly dedicated husband drove us back to Columbus. He drove all night long making stops only for gas and pee- since the kids were buckled up and sleeping almost the entire trip, he got to listen to his Ipod and stay awake with his intravenous diet coke. Door to door it is about 11 hours. I on the other hand, took Benadryl and slept so that once we arrived back at home he could sleep and I would take over the child care during waking hours. We pulled into the driveway at 6:30 a.m. and since it was still dark, we put the kids to bed and they actually slept in until 10:00. They woke up just in time for me to take them to The Eagles Nest while I stocked up on perishable groceries. This is what our van looked like when I got ready to leave. If you thought Clark Grisswold had a sexy ride, check out our version of the family truckster. That ugly and hideous Hawaiian print luggage carrier now costs us less than $4 per use.

We made it home just ahead of the arctic blast. I decided to celebrate the Chinese New Year with our multi-cultural family. This is an prime example of the hair-brained schemes I have concocted to justify getting Chinese Take out Food.
Brilliant huh? I even found a Chinese Restaurant nearby that offered a family meal (feeds 6) for $20.09 in honor of the celebration. SCORE! The kids and Jeff shoveled it all in using chopsticks-

when you are three years old, chopsticks rock your world. It is FUN to use Chop Sticks! I am always suspect of "cheap" Chinese food, so I opted to eat some rice pudding from the fridge. Everyone else really enjoyed the meal and no one got sick, so I say, it was a huge success.

Although it is technically the year of the ox, I am calling it the year of the polar bear. Brrrrr, it is freezing here. We are under a winter storm warning, and the forecast looks like we are expecting piles of snow up to our eyeballs. Happy New Year and watch for the sledding photos tomorrow.

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