Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary to the Blog

Our last evening of Decemeber 2008 was spent curled up at home drinking some champagne and enjoying the solitude and peace that is our insane household.

The kids went to bed on time and we stayed up gabbing with our favorite houseguest, Silvan. I realized as we were chatting that New Years Day is the anniversary of my blogging adventures. WOW, an entire year has flown by while I was typing and editing the stories that are too unbelievable to make up?

I did it...made it a whole year (2008) of blogging the tales of the Silly Slutsky family. Ahhh, 365 days and sleepless nights of chronicling the best of times and the worst of times for all the world to see. I love keeping everyone up to date on our busy and crazy lives and the blog lets me do just that- everyday.

I know that my immediate family checks in on the blog, Aaryn, Silvan, and my BIL Nat, but I have to wonder, who else? I love that readers find it addicting, interesting, hilarious, frightening, educational, holistic, pathetic, or a combination thereof. What keeps you reading and comin back for more? Is it the wild ride of raising multiples and others? Is it all the gluten free fan fare? Could it be my kids' antics and mischief making or my husband's sexy stare in the photos? I know it is my vents and rants too! C'mon....let me hear it. After a year of writing my heart on my sleeve I am kind of curious how what started as a memory keepsake has turned into 18,000 visitors. I love the whole blog concept, but the one thing that makes me tick is hearing from the readers in the comment section.

Happy New Year dear readers....go ahead make my day in the comment section! Let me know what keeps you checking in on us!

The Queen


Raising Triplets in High Style said...

I love your blog b/c it's HILARIOUS! Please keep the funnies coming - it breaks up the monotony (albeit joyful!) of my life w/ 3 infants!

-Amy (from TC)

Ava and the Trips said...

I love reading your blog to hear about your triplets. I have triplets that are just turning 1 and we live in Ohio as well. I think you write great stories and love to hear about all your adventures!


Shellie said...

Happy New Year, I also love to keep up with the kids, you and Jeff.

Always glad to read that you are all well. I certainly do miss seeing you in person.

(Aaryn's mom)

The Rubins' said...

Happy New Year,
Zayde and I enjoy your blog every day. We loved having Eli, CJ and Natalie visit this past summer with Aaryn and Ephraim. Can we look forward to another visit?
Keep up the good work Helaine.
Love to all,
Bubby, Zayde too

ps. Do they remember us.

Aaryn said...

wow this cracks me up....all my family commenting on your blog. But we all know why I read...cause they're my babies (can I still call them that?)

Anonymous said...

Alas, I too check in often...and I don't think I was ever formally introduced to you! I am Ellyn, daughter of The Rubin's, sister-in-law of Shellie and Aunt of Aaryn!Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Papa in KC read the blog on a regular basis.

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