Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Clean Fun Gone Really Really Bad

For those of my readers who have triplets younger than mine, or toddlers in general, if you are reading my blog for inspiration or motivation that after the infant stage things are easier, LOOK AWAY...LOG OFF NOW... DO NOT READ THIS POST or LOOK AT THE PHOTOS. RUN...RUN LIKE THE WIND!

We spent Sunday evening at home. As the snow fell it was the perfect evening to let the kids take a shower. They love taking a big group shower. I add some cups, a pastry brush, some colanders and misc. recycling plastic bottles and it is Disneyland under a stream of warm, steamy water.

They paint the shower door, sing songs and enjoy themselves in a confined space. I also let them have the added sensory experience by squirting them with shaving cream. It is good clean fun to let them lather up with white foam. As an added bonus they smell divine too. If your kids are driving you crazy and you need a good half an hour to read a magazine I highly recommend the shower as a form of semi-supervised entertainment.

After this hour shower, there were jammies followed by a few stories, I tucked them into their beds, kissed everyone goodnight and left them under Jeff's watch. He needed to listen for any monkey business after I closed their door. I ran Aaryn to Giant Eagle for groceries and picked up Argenida from her friend's house. It is not my favorite time of day to run errands but in this case I had no choice. Since the monkeys were bathed and in bed, I figured it was ok to let Jeff just listen for potential trouble.

I should have known there would be chaos. Jeff called and asked, "What time will you be home." That is never a good sign. I arrived home and was greeted just inside the garage door. Jeff said, "Uhhh, you need to go upstairs and see what they have done." He refused to give any detail and made me see for myself. I knew it was going to be bad. I did not comprehend just how bad until I saw CJ without any pants on, and listened to Eli giving me the play by play. They all participated in completely destroying their room. (Notice the turkey hand print mural is still on their wall.) Not just messing up the beds and jumping on them- this time they proceeded to empty the drawers under the daybed, remove the bedding and make a camp-out, and CJ....well, he was without pants because he decided to show the other two, "how boys can pee on stuff while standing up."

So my evening of good clean fun went bad. When I tucked them into bed they were smelling sweet and when I came back an hour later their room reeked of urine soaked stuffed animals and the faint remnants of shaving cream.

I wonder how much boarding school costs? Do you think Jeff would spring for tuition-it might be cheaper than remodeling the house after the kids completely trash it.


The Wright Trips said... I should have stopped reading when you told me to! :) Yikes. I'm so not looking forward to that.


Tanna's Triplets said...

You know when you pass an accident on the road and you know you shouldn't look but you do and then you wish you hadn't. Well I read you post and now I am wishing I hadn't. HEHE.
I hope you have a better today!!

The Husband said...

How come you left out the really gross parts?

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