Friday, January 23, 2009

Gluten Free Goodies

My kids are not totally deprived of eating sugary snacks. I just choose to make their choices as healthy as possible. Out are food colorings and dye, gluten, and anything overtly messy or staining.

Here is a favorite treat make for on the go snacking and dessert bribes. This is a gluten free version of a rice krispie treat only made with Organic Certified Gluten Free Cornflakes. By the way- I totally scored this week at one of my favorite KC bargain shops. They had boxes and boxes of the Enviro-kids Cereals for $1 a box! When I buy it at Giant Eagle it is $4.29 a box, Whole Foods is $4.89 and tonight I saw the same cereal at the local Hen House Supermarket in Prairie Village for a whopping $5.49 A BOX.double click the photo to see for yourself, I can't even think to make this shit up, I had to take a photo of it because I was cracking myself up and I snickering at my good find- totally blog worthy! And yes, I bought 15 boxes of Peanut Butter Panda Puffs and Amazon Corn Flakes for $15...what a savings.

I was so stoked about the deal that I came home and whipped up a batch of cereal bars (really just round disks) and was still smiling about the money I saved.
Here is the recipe with photo illustration- it is really this easy.

1 box corn flakes
1 bag marshmallows
1/2 stick butter
Pam cooking spray

Melt one bag of Marshmallows and the butter in a large 8 cup pyrex glass measuring cup. I used my mother's dinosaur of a microwave-without a light inside-remember these relic RADAR-RANGE Amana microwaves that sit on the kitchen counter and take up all the space? It worked and this is what the goo looks like all melted and then stirred to combine. Pour the flakes into a large bowl and mix the goo until it is blended. Allow to set and cool for about ten minutes- then spray your hands with Pam and form balls with the cereal- allow to harden on waxed paper. Insert Popsicle sticks if desired.

Happy Friday!

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