Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The CPSIA law- what it really means to people like me

Okay fellow blog readers and parents/grandparents and all others who stumble on this post from a link on Google:

There is a VERY important law that will be in effect beginning February 6, 2009 which will affect all of us that frequently purchase affordable children's items through the Moms of Multiples Flea market, Re-Sale Consignment shops, E-bay, yard sales, and the like.

The CPSIA law, written and passed in August of 2008, will make it ILLEGAL to sell ANY item for children aged 12 and under that has not been third party tested specifically for lead. This poorly written law is RETROACTIVE, which means that beginning February 6, 2009 it will be illegal to sell anything for children, unless it has been approved through the third party testing.

How does this affect you?

It will be illegal for Goodwill, Thrift Stores, Consignment Stores, Consignment Sales (such as the big CMOTC sale that I participate in locally), Re-Sale Stores like Once Upon a Child, yard sales, church sales, E-bay internet sales and more to sell anything for children that hasn't been tested.

You will no longer have venues to buy inexpensive items for your children. You will no longer have avenues of selling your own items for others to buy.

In an already struggling economy, an entire sector of small businesses will be out of business; an entire part of our economy will no longer exist; it will be illegal for you to do anything but put your kids items in a landfill.

What can you do?

It is imperative that we act now. Business owners from around the country are working diligently to get this law re-written. Congress convened today and is setting their agenda in the next few days. This law needs to be re-written before it takes effect on February 6, 2009.

Please inform yourself about this law. Please contact your local congressmen/women and urge them to educate themselves about this law and to re-write the law. I have provided several resources at the bottom of this email. It is important to let them know the unintentional consequences of this law and how it will affect you and your communities. Congress will need to act within the next two weeks in order to modify this law before it takes effect February 10.

In addition, the author of this bill, Mark Pryor a democratic senator from Arkansas and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Consumer Affairs, has been contacted and evidently was "unaware" of the interpretation of this law in regards to being retroactive. I have also included his contact information below. Please let him know of your concern.

The LA Times recently had an article regarding this new law:

Thank you for taking time to read this and to educate yourselves. It is imperative we act immediately, and I encourage you to not only email but also call your local congressmen due to the urgency and nature of this law. To learn more about this law, just enter "CPSIA" in your faovrite search engine.

Important Resources:

1) Mark Pryor, author of the CPSIA bill, Democratic Senator and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Consumer Affairs: 202-224-2353

2) or to find your Representative. (If you need to locate your full zip, follow this link:

3) to find your Senator

4) To contact the CPSC directly, contact Julie Vallese business phone: 301-504-7908 fax: 301-504-0339

5) To learn more about the Regulatory Flexibility Act visit

Can you imagine what will happen if I can no longer make a buck on my kids gently used designer clothing? Like I am going to pay a third party to test the Baby Lulu outfits for lead? Gimme a friggin break. My whole way of life will shift and those precious outfits will be money lost- and Lord only knows I am banking on that money. Won't it be just awful if my kids no longer have pre-owned books, toys, clothes and equipment. Maybe I should become a certified lead tester and start a storefront right next to Once Upon A Child at Stoneridge.... I could call myself a Leadbuster! OMG, what if I actually have to pay retail for childrens merchandise? I am hyperventilating. Oh what will I do with the bags and bags of high dollar dresses that I am getting ready to sell....Jeff will shit his pants if I do not recover at least half of what I paid. I gotta go, I am listing on ebay right now! I will beat the February date by a few weeks.

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