Thursday, January 29, 2009

Costco University- I Graduated with Honors!

As you all know Costco is my home away from home. The bulk of my household shopping is done there weekly. It is our largest monthly expense aside from the mortgage payment. Lately, we have been going bi-weekly instead of weekly- due to travel and weather issues. This means our normal overflowing, Two Jumbo Cart runs have turned into the need for Flat Bed Carts. Here I am with my half mocha slurpee-half fat free vanilla frozen yogurt, posing with one of my flat bed shopping cranes in the frozen tundra of a parking lot. Oh, the insanity! Can you imagine what will happen when Eli and CJ are Mitchell's age? Holy Smokes, they will eat us alive and by then I will need a friggin tractor trailer to transport the Costco merchandise. The receipt checker at the exit (who knows us by name) made a comment about how I have graduated. HUH? Graduated? She says, once you need a flat bed cart every week you are have graduated from Costco University. Sheesh, now I have to find space to hang my cool diploma!


Kerry said...

We use the Costco diapers and love them!

The Wright Trips said...

Gotta love Costco! The pic of you is so cute!


The Husband said...

Where's the picture of me pushing te damn thing, loading up the van, unloading the van and helping put stuff away. Oh, I guess I was too busy to pose for a picture. But I did get a smiley face stamped on my hand! Each your heart out Larry Winget!

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