Thursday, January 29, 2009

Calgon- Please take my Kids AWAY!

We had an all out SNOW DAY yesterday. The city declared it a level GOLD snow emergency, well, not really gold, but some code that means "stay at home you morons!" Since we were homebound and the adults have dark green snot exploding in our heads (TMI, I know I know) we had to do something with the kids before they decided to plot a revolt out of boredom.

I shouted, "C'mon guys, everybody in the shower, I've got toys and shaving cream!"

This is my new solution to wrangling unruly kids and letting them play together, creatively, in a 3 foot by 4 foot space. Contained! I simply strip them down, turn on the warm water, add a few cups and pastry brushes, and VOILA! The group shaving cream shower is a parental lifesaver. I reaped the added benefit of sitting in a steamy bathroom, reading a swimwear catalog (YES, I was high on Cold Meds!) and drinking hot tea. By the time we ran out of hot water (90 gallon tank) my head was clear, the kids were clean, and I was ready to take an adventure to Costco. YIPPEE...Calgon did not officially take my kids away, but the concept or theory worked wonders on my kids.

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FrenznickFive said...

what an awesome idea! hope you are feeling better!

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