Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Offers and Other bargain related information

As I was struggling to fall asleep last night, I was thinking that I need to revise my non New Year resolution list. I must have been high when I typed gluten free recipe a day... I have come to my senses and I will now be posting a gluten free recipe every for 2009 there will be GF FRIDAYS. There, whew, now I am a bit more relieved.

As for the bargains and other finds, those will be posted as the become available. If you want to take full advantage of the maximum allowable discounts, you should sign up for a secondary email address just for coupons and emails from companies that have a newsletter or promotional mailings. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed with stuff in your regular email box, and allow you to just pop onto the other account once in a while. I will go through my In Bin later this week to see what kind of on line in store offers are coming along, and I will make another post about the stores that have worthy incentives so you too can sign up. Woo hoo!

Let's start with the birthday coupons and promos. I am signed up for most of the free birthday give-aways since I have 3 kids that celebrate once a year and a few others throughout the calendar. I will let you in on a can sign up for their half birthday instead so that twice a year you can take advantage of the free food and birthday crap-ola. Most of the free b-day offers have a very limited expiration date so by doing the half birthday you will be able to use more of the choices. Some companies have our real birthday and other have our half. Just mix it up a bit to make sure you can actually redeem the offers.

Here is my list of freebie birthday sign ups- remember to use your "other" email address!

Most of the food is not healthy or gluten free, so we try not to eat there very often- but with multiples if it is free...???? Be sure to sign up ALL your kids, so that you can get deals coming in all the time.
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