Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Field Trip turns to SHIT

Rachelle and I took all the kids to the Johnson County Museum on Saturday. They have a KIDSPACE exhibit which features creative and imagination based play areas geared for Preschoolers. The added bonus is that is FREE Admission. F-R-E-E...right in my budget, so we packed em up and moved em out early Saturday morning.

The kids had themselves some serious fun. The medical center area was a hit with my future brain and heart surgeons. They donned the white coats and surgical scrub hats, added as stethoscope and began healing the patient.

I had a blast watching as they hammered on the head and removed all the internal organs. Eli acted like our favorite NICU doctor, Dr. Cordero

and he even held up a baby for example. Charlotte was just having a grand old time doing whatever the bigger kids were doing,
she thinks she is the same size and skill level of her peer models. CJ could have cared less because he was totally occupied playing fire fighter, engineer and architect

in the city hall area. Natalie found her way to the boutique to play with the same magnetic paper dolls that Charlotte enjoyed a few weeks ago. Natalie, like her sister created a beautiful outfit that rivals anything Lilly Pulitzer has to offer.
OH MY Palm Beach lifestyle is being genetically handed down- I love these girlie girls, and NO! NO! NO! I did not coach her on what to put on the dollie, she picked the pink & green on her own!(I am still beaming with pride!) Lillian and Samuel joined the cousins for a jamboree style musical show on the theater stage.

Costumes and set direction by Argenida.Can you tell how much they adore dressing up and being creative? The sound level was deafening, but it was adorable just the same. The kids all took turns playing golf.

The little putt putt zone was popular with our crew. The mini fishing pond had magnetic stuffed animal fish to catch. Our group found the poles fascinating.

This could possibly be the only time I will ever take them fishing, so I thought it was vital to capture the moment in photos. See, kids, I took you fishing in January of 2009. This is my kind of fishing trip- indoors, no worms and no gutting into fillets.

Just when I thought this was the best field trip ever, someone shit on the floor. After checking all of our kids, we were glad to discover it was not any of ours. WHEEEW! What a relief. For once it was not my kids taking a dump on the floor. Then, much to our dismay, all the other Mommies just ignored the brown reeking feces on the carpet. They acted as if it was not their problem. I could not believe they were just smugly standing around chit chatting away with poop nuggets just 5 feet away. Ewwwww, Gross! I am sure it was the micro-managing Mommie's little darling that crapped in the middle of the hallway- probably in retaliation for her over bearing direction with what is supposed to be creative play, not supervised coaching-but that is just my theory. Sooooo anyhow, Rachelle and I watched and waited while NO ONE took any inititive to remedy the situation. The kids were actually stepping in human turds and squishing them into the carpet, tracking it and smearing shit all over the friggin museum KIDSPACE. Finally after a few minutes we could not take it any longer. Guess who is experienced with picking up turd balls? That is right, ME!

So I did my civic duty to Johnson County and I used baby wipes and a trash bag to clean the excrement off of the floor. Do I get extra credit for cleaning up someone else's kid's poop? So what started as a glorious field trip and one of my attempts to enrich the lives of my precious children, turned to shit. Literally. So in addition to gluten free chef, maid, laundress, taxi driver, and nurse, you can now add WASTE MANAGEMENT and HAZ-MAT to my job description. Oh, isn't my life glam?


The Wright Trips said...

Oh no! You're the woman!!


BTW, the pics of the kids are adorable!

Mamatimes3 said...

I will say what is said to us all the time..."Better you than Me!"

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