Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Rose Petal Cottage

Happy Hanukkah from The Silly Slutskys -live from the arctic tundra of Central Ohio. Jeff got more than his fair share of some serious father in law bonding last night. Way more than he bargained for-but hey, it is Hanukkah, the actual temps are single digits and wind chill is below zero, what else can you do? Staying indoors and assembling the Rose Petal Cottage is a necessary evil. Since I am the one that scored the major bargain on this life size doll house, and since I have been accused of seeing things through rose colored glasses, I was quick to mention that putting this Hanukkah cottage together (in a warm kitchen) was a better choice than shoveling snow or working in customer service at the post office two days before Christmas. (Not that either one of them would consider the alternatives) They chose not to see my positive outlook
and gave me the middle finger on more than one occasion. Thankfully I was only snapping digital photos so the audio- video editing would not have to be censored for vulgar and obscene language. The cottage is rated G, the language during assembly was not!

Things started off civilized enough. All the pieces were removed from the box, the manual was in English (bonus) and the kids were already in bed for the night. Papa and Jeff should have been drinking heavily so that the assembly would have been easier, or at the very least would have made sense. Instead these sober senior citizens kvetched and complained about this "damn toy" as they tried to put it together. Sure their backs were killing them, they could not read the instructions without glasses, and they were dog-ass tired- the only thing that kept them motivated was the horrible thought of having to pay someone else to do it, or disappoint the kids who were expecting it to be ready by breakfast.
They sucked it up and built the damn Rose Petal Cottage.

Sweet Baby Charlotte was still awake by the time the project was finished.

She gave it a good once over and we made her promise not to tell the other kids that she had already played with it. This will not work next year, so I guess we will have to save up so we can pay someone to do the dirty work ahead of time. Stay tuned for the photos of all the chaos tomorrow when we attempt to cram 4 children into the Rose Petal Cottage designed for one, maybe two kids!


Aaryn said...

My name is all over that when you're done..... thanks :)

Jessica said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one flipping the camera off putting that blasted thing together. It wasn't so much the frame of it, it was putting the actual slipcover on!! I thought I had surely lost my mind...
Glad to hear everyone is sharing nicely!

Fragrance Guru said...

HELP! Everyone says putting this together is a breeze. I spent the better part of today trying to get this slipcover to go on the frame for my 4 year old. What is the secret???

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