Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Rockin Moroccan

Last night Jeff and I had an amazing dinner with the "ROCKIN MOROCCAN", Murielle! We were invited over for one of those posh little dinner parties where the adult guests drink wine and graze gourmet

and discuss hot topics like potty training, private schools, and pre-school arranged marriages until they have completely lost track of time. We all sat around the candlelit table and enjoyed the Moroccan-ese style cuisine ala The Rockin Moroccan. I found myself longing to spend time with the Moroccan Master of recipes; Mrs. Pool- it was that good. Murilelle does not know what a compliment that is, but perhaps she will someday. Murielle is so talented and personable that I want her to be related to me, and guess what? She has three little Moroccan cutie boys,anyone of which would be ideal of Baby Charlotte. I might just make this happen- for family harmony- know what I mean?

Enough about that, let's talk about the glam mama divas and the food. Murielle is writing a cookbook, gearing up for sponsorship of her television cooking show and mark my words, she will be a SUPERSTAR- not that she isn't already. I am the Jewish Martha Stewart, Lisa is the Italian one, and now let me formally introduce you to the Moroccan Martha Stewart: Murielle. Here are all the unbelievable samplings we tasted last night-

every item was delicious and kosher too! I can't wait to "help" Murielle with her recipes, and by help I totally mean indulge.

Remember my resolution to hang out with older, frumpy women? Eeeek Gads, now what I am going to do, I keep becoming friends with superstars!

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Jessica said...

YUMMMM! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

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