Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Gringos

I have eluded to the fact that my kids are easily influenced by the Latin vibe in our home. YES, they go to a Jewish Preschool but I jokingly call them the little Gringos but truthfully, they are more Latino/Latina than they are "white." They are like Jewbans- Half Jewish Half Cuban. When I saw these sombreros and maracas in Cozumel last week, I just had to buy them. Don't worry Jeff, the hats and musical instruments were Cheap- I was able to negotiate a fair price in USD not pesos.

And as for the week long cruise- I had been keeping it a blog secret, since I have no earthly clue how many stalker-psychos read the blog, I thought it best to make note of my travels in the past tense, Know what I mean ??? You all know that we are in spending FREEZE- so let me explain how I was able to swindle Jeff into taking me aboard a week long Caribbean Cruise during the week of my big 4-0. You see, this trip was a "make good" cruise credit with Royal Caribbean for a trip that I had to cancel when CJ was hospitalized at the Cleveland Clinic over a year ago. Jeff was speaking aboard an Alaskan Cruise that Summer and I was supposed to accompany him as part of his speaking fee- the cruise was based on double occupancy so the client paid for both of us to go, and sadly, only Jeff was able to sail that week. The cruise certificate had a monetary value that was enough to cover both of us this past week. Thanks to the financial mess that most families are in- the prices for cruise travel have gone in the toilet since reservations are at an all time low, and now there are some travel bargains if you have the dough. Since the voucher was set to expire Dec 31, 2008 we redeemed it just under the wire. I will post the glorious photos and a cruise review for your pleasure tomorrow.

For now, you can see how much fun it is to come home to 4 little Gringos!

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