Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Crazy Chrismukkah Celebration

We spent Christmas day with all the cousins at Connor and Jack's house. It made sense to have the Slutsky family gift exchange on the day everyone could make it- Dec 25th, at the one house where there's a Christmas Tree. It was a perfect cozy Chrismukkah with plenty of noise, nosh and laughter. It was latkes and gingerbread cookies, along with a "schmor-gas-board" (yiddush for mish mash of cuisine) of other pot luck items. A real combination of the two holidays! Oy Vay! Ho Ho Ho!

The kids really enjoyed invading the playroom-

all the toys and games were new and different to them, and the cousins love to share their stuff among each other. It was so cool watching them interact like civilized human beings this year. Maddie, Amanda and Mitchell were at their best teasing each other. Mitchell has grown this GAWD AWFUL goatee thing- and the girls made sure he knew how foolish he looked. Maddie is gearing up for her 17th birthday bash next month and we had to ridicule her about the rules for her event (no grinding, no drinking, no smoking, no shoes on white carpet, no making out, NO FUN!) and Amanda (being the college student) just enjoyed seeing how far she has come since her early teens.

There is a running competition among the Uncles- the 4 Slutsky Brothers try to out do each other with the size and quality of their Televisions. Right now Rick is in the lead with is mammoth flat screen wall mount HDTV plus his other new tv purchases in the finished basement, with Marc and Howard tied for second. My poor (I mean that literally) husband is in last place with our dinosaur 1990's relic- we do have a dvr but that does not even rank with the brothers technology. Maybe by the time I get a flat tummy from a tuck procedure, Jeff can get a flat screen?

The aunts and uncles pooled their gift for the triplets and indulged them big time with a Wii game system. I am sure Mitchell will make sure they know how to use it- which is really code for his ability to play with it until they realize it is for them.

What a wonderful tradition we have started- celebrating the combination of Hanukkah and Christmas every year with all the Ohio Slutskys- Merry Chrismukkah and Happy New Year everyone!

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The Husband said...

If I had to choose between paying for a flat screen TV and you getting your flat tummy back, I'm going with the interactive one. Afterall, the only thing at the bottom of a flat screen TV is an "on/off" switch. Then again...

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