Monday, December 22, 2008

Older Brother Wisdom- say ahhhhhh

OHHHHHH the brilliant things you can learn from an older brother. When we found out we were pregnant with Two Boys and a Girl, I thought our sibling configuration would be perfect. Mitchell could teach the boys to play sports and Amanda could have a little sister to spoil with shopping and Barbies. I had visions of the wisdom that would be passed down to the little ones. I was delusional.

Mitchell has taught his siblings lots of great tidbits. And by great I mean, burping, farting, slang language, and making annoying squealing sounds- all in good fun. Brotherly wisdom, right? Keeping with his quest to annoy me and entertain them, this week he shared some of his finest wisdom. He instructed the kids to stick out their tongues, and say ahhhh. Then he squirted aerosol whipped cream directly into their mouths.

As you imagine, this was hilarious to the toddler crowd. They begged him for more, more, more until I was afraid they might puke from ingesting too much spray whipped cream. Now, of course, they expect that when Mitchell is home and it is a meal time, they should stick out their tongues and say ahhhhh.

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