Thursday, December 25, 2008

No drama- just more out takes

Since today is Christmas I will continue to update you on some loose ends. The Rose Petal cottage was and is a huge hit with the kids. I assumed there would be some drama when all 4 wanted to play in it at once. Are you sitting down? They have been taking turns. They have been kind to each other about sharing the space inside the playhouse. There has been little if any fighting. I am hedging my bets here, but I am almost ready to publicly say that we are entering an easier stage with these little ones. They almost understand us and vice versa.

We still are waiting for that ONE ideal digital image for a New Years 2009 holiday greeting card. Forget Hanukkah - too late for that, and Christmas is today, so we passed that deadline too. My humble goal is to get the photo cards in the US Mail by January first- keep your fingers crossed. Here are more out takes:

these candids prove I am still trying folks. These civilized posed shots lasted 30 seconds before the boys were doing karate

and Charlotte was screeching. It was downhill from there

Last night we went out for dinner- of course it was for Chinese food- and the kids sat and ate quietly with little to no chaos.

They used forks and spoons, there was barely any rice on the floor and no one had a meltdown. I am wondering if my subliminal message parenting is finally paying off. I have had the kids listening to Mary J. Blige's album NO DRAMA. Is that wrong? I might be on to something here!


The Wright Trips said...

I love the matching PJ's! And the 2nd picture is my favorite. Your older son is cracking me up in that picture. And you always have the cutest darn smile!!


Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Thanks Shannon... I am half thinking of using that one with a clever caption- not my original plan of course, but I think everyone will see the humor. Merry Christmas!

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