Saturday, December 27, 2008

NICU thanks- edited to add content

Every couple of months we visit our former NICU. We make a point of going on the triplets' birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and at Christmas. We show up and "feed the nurses" and say thank you. More importantly we let the caring staff know just how much their hard work and healing touch pays off. Seeing is believing. Yesterday we went by to see a new triplet mom who has 27 weekers in the NICU right now. Nothing can motivate and uplift your doubt about the future more than seeing what a little bit of time can do for your situation. Just look at this blog and you can see how 27 week 6 day premature infants can challenge your every day existance.

Sadly the new mommie was not there at the time but we hope she contacts us so we can personally let her see how life will be soon enough. While we were there, one of our favorite nurses showed us a preemie that was bigger now than my babies when they were admitted at birth.
Ours were so tiny that weighing them in grams was more accurate- (this little guy was over a pound bigger than any of our bambinos) and you can see from the window how small he is now. YIKES. The kids love seeing the little babies and love getting a hug from Dr. Cordero.
On this visit they all took turns telling him Gracias and Feliz Navidad- my bi-lingual former preemies rocked his world. Merry Christmas OSU NICU- we love you all.


As I was uploading the photos of the NICU visit the triplets were in the child-proof zone (jail) of our family room. They were playing nicely and I was within earshot of them. I could hear them talking amongst themselves, nothing seemed to be overly earth shattering. Until I smelled Desitin and heard Eli say, "Good job CJ, it will be sooooo shiny and clean!" I left the keyboard and went in to investigate. I found them "cleaning" the brass fireplace frame. With Desitin and a sock.

In all fairness that area does hold many fingerprints and YES, I did clean it last week before Nana & Papa arrived. They watched as I used some cream cleaner on an old sock- I knew I should have waited until they were napping, but time was of the essence. Anyway, the triplets decided to take matters into their own little hands and helped me clean off the fingerprints. Remember the bronzer hand print turkeys? Now we have matching desitin streaked brass in the family room. I sure hope the new triplet mommie reads the blog now- she will be thanking her lucky stars that I get to go first in our quest to raise preemie multiples.

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