Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Look Back at 2008 in Photo Pages

I have posted before about my lack of skill in the scrapbooking department. I have a creative mind and good intentions but somehow I can't get organized enough to cut and glue papers, stickers and ticket stubs along side the photographs of my children and make it into an album. JUST CAN'T DO IT. Can you imagine my chaos with half baked pages, scraps of paper, and other grommets and doo dads just laying out where little hands could do G-d knows what? Oy- my head hurts just thinking about that kind of mess.

When I found the website How Fast They Grow I got caught up on my baby books. It was so easy, and inexpensive- in fact if you factor intot the equation not printing your own photos at a lab, supplies, time, energy and frustration, these pages are PRICELESS. The quality is super and the scrapbooks you create are truly impressive. Once they arrive in the mail you just slide the pages into a 12x12 album...voila!

I could blabber on and on about the site, but instead I will let you see for yourself with a sneak peek into my 2008 album! (click on the colored link to see)I think there will be a couple pages of the individual images to view.

Let me know what you think....I am partial to the actual images in the book but when I drop these faces into the adorable templates, it looks like I have more time than money- Mu ha ha ha!

Happy New Year!
Cheers from the Queen

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Aaryn said...

I think you need a page about going to SB,(and also of your wonderful (first) JEWISH Nanny) luckily we didn't take any pics of our surprise visit somewhere....

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