Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Argenida

What do you buy an awesome aupair for her 22nd birthday? EEEK gads.. the pressure is on when her birthday is so close to Christmas. I know first hand that your birthday celebration should not be overshadowed by another festive holiday. If you were born in June people wouldn't dare try to combine your Christmas gift with your Birthday, so why should it happen in December??? Grrrrr, this is not supposed to be a vent, but it is a post about why I tried extra hard to make sure that Argenida's celebration was stellar. It would be easy to just get her some crappy mall gift but that is sooo not my style, especially when you are talking about the Latina Diva that runs the house effortlessly. Jeff and I decided to buy Argenida her very own Dell laptop.
I know it sounds extravagant but honestly, she does so much for us that we wanted to "WOW" her- and we did. The kids could hardly contain themselves when she was opening the gift bag. She was squealing and they were joining in on the excitement. It was totally fun. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and Feliz Cumpleanos, We had gluten free chocolate chip cupcakes

and party hats too, because according to Natalie you can't have a party without party hats. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Argenida- Happy Happy Day!

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The Wright Trips said...

Can I bring my trio & be your aupair? LOL. That was really nice of you & your hubby to get that for her. From the looks on her cutie pie face, she was darn excited & happy!


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