Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gluten Free Hanukkah Cookies

Traditional Hanukkah cookies are decorated sugar cookies that are loaded with gluten and various frostings filled with red dye. Oh no, not at our house. We celebrate the season with the most tasty of gluten free cookies, decorated by small hands- assisted my Mommie and Nana.
Since cooking with four kids age three and under is insane, we skip the mixing of dough and go straight to the frozen dough varieties offered at Trader Joe's and the Raisin Rack. Just keeping it real makes this Jewish Martha Stewart ever so happy. Frankly, the kids could care less if I made the cookie dough from scratch- all they want is the rapidly finished product and some turns licking the spatula

and mixing beaters. We opted to use a homemade frosting and used two all natural sprinkle toppings and one which contained blue dye. The results yielded a beautiful tray of Hanukkah cookies, a semi simple process, and 4 very delighted little tasters.

Nana had fun too. Don't ask why we have not had any latkes this year. I can explain that with two words- TIME CONSUMING. Next year I vow to hang out with old hags and smell like Latke grease. I promise!

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