Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gifts that Gag Me

What a title. I am sure you are all thinking naughty thoughts- I would expect nothing less from my fearless readers. Ever the avid shopper and fashion consumer, I do receive a zillion magazines and catalogs in the mail. Most of the time I consider the information "research" for what is in vogue, "hot" and how much it really costs if you pay retail- G-d forbid. In my latest quest to educate myself for business purposes I shuffled through two Holiday Catalogs. Neiman Marcus- the big Christmas book and Fao Schwarz. I was obviously not looking for bargains or inexpensive trinkets, but I was floored and shocked at the featured items suggested for the Holiday 2008 Season. Please tell me I am not alone in thinking that some of these gifts are sickening. Gagging, Gasping for air, and Reaching for a glass of water kind of gross. Who in the hell would actually spend $950 plus tax and shipping for a play kitchen? For about a grand you could buy REAL appliances for your precious child. Seriously, you could get a decent GE Microwave, Range and Mini Fridge for less than the cost of this wooden replica- and trust me, the kids would much rather play with the real ones given the choice.

Want to feed a small world country or stroke your ego? IF the latter is your choice, why not shell out $60,000 plus tax for a life-like sculpture of yourself made of LEGO's. Who would not love to see themselves immortalized in plastic blocks? C'mon folks, really??? Do you know what sixty grand would do for some struggling charitable organizations or schools. In a fragile and recessed economy people are buying Lego sculptures of their loved ones. Gimme a freakin break.

So while I am celebrating a milestone birthday and my kids are gearing up for their first Hanukkah where they realize what gifts are, please find it in your soul to do something that won't make me want to hurl.

XOXOX- The Queen

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