Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Escape Artists

Last night around 9:30 p.m. I was peacefully clicky-ity clacking away at the computer keyboard, organizing my thoughts and reviewing all the photos from the cruise. I had high hopes of updating the blog while the kids were sleeping. Argenida and I put them to bed right on time at 7:30 because they were so tired. I heard a few faint sounds from up above but nothing serious. Usually when the monkeys are wild I can hear distinct booming noises, and a thundering on the hardwood floors- but last night caught me off guard- the pitter pattery sounds were way too quiet to be toddler toes. I was working in the computer room right below them, surely if they were messing around I would have heard something...OH WAS I WRONG!

At 9:45 or so, Mitchell screamed, "Helene you better get up here, RIGHT NOW!" As I climbed the stairs two by two I could smell the overwhelming scent of Dolce & Gabbana and I knew there was some serious trouble. Apparently the boys escaped the gated door of their own room and tip-toed down the hallway into mine. While being ever so quiet they proceeded to dump and entire bottle of my new Duty Free, Dolce & Gabbana body lotion on the floor of my master bathroom. To which they added a Costco Sized bottle of Scope mouthwash, an entire tube of Crest with Baking Soda and 1/2 a liter of saline solution. I asked what in the world was going on? CJ said "We are Ice Skating Mommie, see- we doin it!" They were pretending to be ice-skating on the slippery goo- a virtual winter wonderland on my floor. CJ and Eli were up to their knees in multi-scented lubrication, their jammie bottoms drenched in the faux ice skating rink. I had to deal with their mess before I could figure out how it all happened. Once the boys were clean from the knees down and I had soaked up most of the mess (it took 3 beach towels and countless paper towels)I asked them to show me how they got out of their room.

Teamwork has taken on a new meaning for these escape artists. Now that the firetruck beds are bungee corded together it takes both of them to scooch the beds anywhere. CJ pushes from behind the bed and Eli steers it toward the gate, then when positioned properly their toddler beds make an excellent ladder for hurling over the gate. Eli goes on to explain how they learned to tip-toe on the floor so it is all done "very very VERY quietly"- in his sweet but smart-assed three year old voice. I grabbed my camera and asked the boys to demonstrate just how they were able to sneak out of their room. Click here to play the video clip of them "in action" be sure to listen to Eli give you the play by play.
Here are the images of how these future Cirque De Soleil performers operate.

Remember the movie Mommie Dearest? There are several scenes where Tina's little brother Christopher is shown harnessed to his twin bed- not really a straight-jacket, but a sleep vest that kept him sort of chained to the bed with safety in mind, right? I am wondering....genius invention? or grounds for a Child Protective Services investigation? Stay tuned for the blog about the cruise during nap time later today- unless they figure out how to wrangle out of their room again. This New Albany Mommie Dearest is motivated to out smart these escape artists!

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