Monday, December 29, 2008

Daddy Day Care- no refunds

You get what you pay for....I have heard it a million times and usually with my bargain prowess I have to disagree. Sometimes you get more than you pay for- really you do. My point in all of this? When it comes to finding top quality Child Care- sometimes you get what you pay for--A professional Nanny or Au pair has credentials and the price you pay almost guarantees that there is a level of responsibility and pride in the work performed. Finding someone who is patient, kind, and nurturing is paramount in your peace of mind, and when it comes to safety- you can't compromise, EVER!

When the child care provider is FREE- there is a reason. I know that parenting is different than child care- and I NEVER say Jeff is babysitting- NEVER. First, I would not hire him based on his skills with keeping the kids neat, organized and relatively safe, and second he is the dad, so he is parenting- not babysitting. I would not pay him and the quality of his work when he is solely in charge reflects that. When Jeff is running the in home Daddy Day Care there are no refunds. You get what you pay for....NOTHING! No amount of Street Fighter Marketing can overcome the lack of service- zip, nada, zilch!

So that the images will make sense later--Here is what the playroom shelf looks like on a typical day. The shoes are organized by child size and color-a simple system, really. This facilitates getting out the door in a timely manner every single day. The gated zone is cleaned daily so that toys are put in their proper place, any garbage is removed, and supplies are restocked.

Example....Daddy Day Care on Sunday:
I came downstairs to find Jeff sound asleep on the couch, all four kids reeking havoc in the room with him, and Eli covered head to toe in bright blue (THANK GAWD, WASHABLE) marker.

My son, TODDLER SMURF greeted me by saying, "Mommie, we all having fun while Daddy is taking a nap! We messed up all the shoes (see image up above and compare) and used a blue marker!"

I was silently stewing and wanted to say, NO SHIT CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! I was not sure where to start the damage control.
My poor Roche Bobois leather sofa, Please tell me it will wipe clean when I make Jeff handle it. Please tell me that the washable marker will REALLY be washable.

So it is back to business as usual, with Argenida and Mommie as the boss, NOT DADDY. I know it is possible that things like this COULD happen under our watch, but they DON'T. You get what you pay for, and Daddy Day Care ain't a bargain at any price!


Foodie said...

This is exactly how it is when I am parenting my kids. Mommy is asleep somewhere (usually my bed) and the kids are doing whatever they want.

But, I always wanted to be Mrs. Piggle Wiggle when I was little so it's a different story. Maybe I'll have 6 kids someday...

Nancy O said...

Wow, Helene- You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din- but they sure are CUTE!! My empty nest feels REALLY empty right now. Happy New Year to you, Jeff, and your gang!!

The Husband said...

What do you want from me? I'm old, tired, over weight and over worked. I just closed my eyes for a minute (dreaming of you, by the way). They seemed perfectly content watching Dora and Boots foil Swiper. The next thing I know the kids took total advantage of me. But, I sense your frustration. Being the problem solver that I am, I guess the solution is to make sure you have someone with all of the right skill sets watch the kids in the future. And let daddy do what he does best. And as soon as we figure out what that is, I'm on it.

Tanna'sTriplets said...

OMG, Looks like my house when my Hubby has watched the babies all day!!!

much more than a mom said...


That's only funny because it's not my living room.

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