Monday, December 1, 2008

College Savings Plan

I know Jeff is really diligent about saving and planning for the kids' college tuition. Thankfully I am married to a saver. Jeff is constantly manipulating our finances with the future in mind. It is sexy. Sexy like a man doing dishes and vacuuming- yowza!

We are doing what we can to scrimp and save for putting another 5 kids through secondary education. I guess it is never too early to plan for their college. This explains why CJ, my precious 3 year old son is feeling the pressure to succeed at Temple Beth Chanel. He is already reading.... Gee thanks Jeff, while some three year olds are reading Green Eggs and Ham, our boy is preparing to get a jump start on college apps. I guess he gets that planning gene from you, right?

1 comment:

Jeff the Husband said...

Would he could he,
on a budget?
Would he could he,
learn to fudge it?

He needs to save,
just ask him why...
It's so he don't,
go to DeVry.

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