Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fabulousness at 40

Celebrating a ginormous milestone is best when shared with family and friends. I felt that turning 40 warranted a combination of people who could handle my action. This was not the time for amateurs and newbies, I needed veteran pals who were up for an evening of my shenanigans. In gathering the group I wanted 1. women who appeared to be older than me, (DUH!) 2. Jewish men who made me feel younger, and 3. a rocking venue that oozes sexy vibes. My dear friend, Meatloaf said it best, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

CHECK ONE: Dinner at Oliver’s Bistro in Miami= sexy. Dining alfresco with cocktails, music and delicious food is hot!
CHECK TWO: Add Men--My witty and sarcastic husband, hilarious brother in law, Nat and two of the funniest (and best looking) Pool brothers (sorry Michael) I am laughing so hard I think I am in junior high again, so feeling like a teenager at 40, “check” for men who make me feel younger
THREE: Old ladies. Not happening

I guess Two out of Three ain’t bad after all.

Sadly for me, Nancy, Andrea and my sister are all divine, hip, and fabulous females- so much for women that look older than me. Note to self: Stop hanging out with diva ladies- the pressure to look good next to them is too too much. I swear my New Year’s resolution is to find some haggard frumpy women that can handle my action. But until January first, I will keep on keepin on. Perhaps Jeff will indulge me in some botox and restylane for Valentine’s day?
Check out the bling and kicks on my glam entourage. Mr. Loubutain (Andrea) and Mr. Blahnik (moi) sat with us at the table, and of course we welcomed them with pretty pedi-ed feet! My spa pedicure courtesy of the Pedi-egg ($9.99 at Walgreens) and some Revlon polish from Giant Eagle- see, Jeff, no more frivolous spending! Can you say, Hello Gorgeous?

In order to please all sensory aspects of this monument us evening I will share photos

that have something for everyone- travel, gourmet, designer couture, weather, and humor. Now you too can enjoy my 40th birthday…let the celebration continue all week long!

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Laura R said...

Happy Birthday, Helene- You look FABULOUS! Hope you have a wonderful trip- You deserve it!

Laura your chocolate loving neighbor

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