Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can you guess my birthday gift?

Oh joy...the thrill of turning 40! My generous and very practical husband gave me my BIG present a few days early. He is of the mind set that I could start enjoying his kindness immediately so why wait? YIPPEEE! Turning 40 makes you prioritize and place value on all things important- like getting gifts! I would venture a guess that this set him back more than $500.00 USD, which is a boat load for him.

Ahhh Jeff, the sweet husband got me 3 round objects with a hole in the center, and I will use/enjoy them daily- so no, he did not buy me three bagels.

Can you guess what he bought me? I will post an update tomorrow with the photos! Leave a comment with your guess and the first one to guess correctly wins brownie points- gluten free brownie points!


Anonymous said...

Did he buy you an Olympic pin?

Kathie said...

The Cartier Trinity Bands- the ultimate three ring ring?

Jennifer Fine said...

3 Aaron Basha shoes??

Ann M. said...

Did he by you practical tires???? that would suck!

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