Friday, December 19, 2008

Beware of the Dog House- a timely Holiday season video


The Husband said...

And I thought I was doing well when I got you those new Michelin Tires for your Birthday. All-Weather Michelins. P225-60-R17, state of the art. They even have a baby in their advertising. What if you're to think of them as really big rings? Big, black rubber rings.

Should the whites be washed seperately?

The Husband said...

I just watched this video again an realized that it's lesson is that if you buy jewelry as a gift you won't end up in the dog house. Very clever. At the end there's a small tag that says it was sponsored by the jewelry department at JC Penny. The only problem is that if I ever bought Helene jewelry from JC Penny, I would definately end up in the Dog House!

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