Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Triplet Bloggin Mamas

There is an elite group of women lovingly known as triplet blogging mamas. There are too many of us to count, but few of us that write with our own sense of humor and style. There are a couple of blogs I read regularly and they belong to Perky and Jess. I have been cyber friends with Jessica and Karen for a while, but until this past week, we have never had the luxury of meeting for coffee because we live in different cities.

When I realized that I was going to be in the DC Metro area, I set up a date with my triplet mommie friends. We would finally get to put a name, a face, a voice and a real spin on our relationship. How cool is that? Jessica and Karen live within driving distance of each other and they are already partners in crime- but I was going to crash their world in person. What do triplet blogging mamas do for fun? We get caffeinated and share stories over chocolates. Please, there is nothing better.

Karen picked me up at our hotel and just before she arrived I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom. I told the Bellman, I am waiting for a lady to pick me up and she will be driving a Toyota Sienna or a Honda Oddessy- not knowing for sure that Karen would pull up in either, my hunch could not have been more dead on. Jessica blew me off with the lame excuse that her husband was in the hospital with Meningitis. Sheeesh, if she did not want to meet me, so be it, but Meningitis, c'mon- that is a bit drastic, don't you think? (totally kidding Jess!) Please say a few prayers for Johnny's speeding recovery and Jessica's sanity.

Karen and I chatted it up big time at Starbucks on election day 2008. Since history was made in this election I can reflect back on the day with fond memories. I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon than to be with a fellow Glam Diva Triplet Mommie- and a Jewish one at that- oy vay already. We played some 7 degrees of Jewish Separation, shared NICU and pregnancy war stories and drank our fancy beverages. This is what two Triplet Blogging Mamas look like- Impressive huh- both wearing make-up, fully dressed in appropriate duds, and enjoying a bonding moment. I know that we would be meeting for coffee more often if the miles did not separate us. Perhaps I will get the chance to make Jessica buy the next round if my husband can drum up some DC business in the future, but until then we will have to keep tabs on each other in our Triplet Blogs.

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Karen said...

I totally wasn't wearing any makeup. I never have time for any makeup anymore. Maybe when the babies are weaned...

It was AWESOME to see you, even if Jessica DID ditch us with that piss-poor excuse. I guess I'll forgive her this once. :)

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