Saturday, November 29, 2008

Slutsky Cousins

It was SUPER SATURDAY SLUTSKY cousin day in Mason, Ohio today. All the cousins invaded Rick and Lisa's house for a Chili lunch and the annual football game. The group hovered in the kitchen noshing for hours which meant that the food was spectacular.

How can you leave the countertop island when it is stacked with dips and chips, veggies and spicy snackage? Who walks away from a buffet table of desserts? Just pull up a chair and enjoy! Cousin Linda and her "man friend" Peter were all cuddly cozy and adorable, they were the only single people there (without kids) so obviously they look rested and refreshed- grrrr!
I even snapped a photo of the elusive Max with his sisters and grandmother, Loris.

Uncle Marc paid Natalie $1 so she would go around the house telling everyone that Uncle Marc is her favorite uncle. Nice huh? Oh yeah, and since my kids are little sponges,
Maddie taught them to reply to the following- Question: "who is da bomb?"- Answer: Cousin Maddie of course! Part of the guests stayed inside and played wii, Shot a few games of pool on Uncle Rick's new table,

watched some tv in high def and worked on sticker crafts or played with matchbox cars. The bigger kids and Uncles rushed the street for yardage and first downs in the street football game.

Clearly athleticism runs in the family...NOT! Spectators and participants had a blast- you will notice the very blue skies whioh in itself is rare on an Ohio winter day.

These are the days I want the kids to remember- pure FUN! This is why I took so many photos of the sweet faces in action.

These are real kids having a really good time doing nothing but hanging out with their cousins. Slutsky Cousin Fest 2008- A total winner of a day!

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The Wright Trips said...

Families are great (most of the time:) The pictures are great! And it looks like you all had a blast!


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