Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Reptiles Rock!

The Reptile Man visited the triplets' classroom last week. My fearless boys could not wait to participate and volunteer to help with the, as CJ says, "libe" animals. At three years old they LOVE anything to do with science and nature. Real creatures top the charts. Touching and playing with LIBE animals is beyond fantastic. CJ had a total shining moment holding the green tree frog-

he was beaming with pride and excitement. Eli did his duty holding the Snake which was so heavy it required more than just my boys.

Can you tell how much they are digging it at Temple Beth Chanel? How can a former homeschooling toddler mama compete? There is no way. When you see these joyful faces embracing new things, things that this bloggin mama can only write about, you realize you made the right decision to suck it up and send them to preschool. Do you think I would have invited snakes,

turtles and frogs into our living room? UGH that would be, NO! As it is I am trying to find a way to uninvite Speedy Gonzales the pesky little chipmunk that keeps invading our garage. That damn rodent is not a cute reptile, but more about him in a future post. Reptiles Rock even when you add a dose of religion and routine. Thank you Temple Beth Chanel, you and the Reptiles Rock our world.

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