Sunday, November 30, 2008

Naptime Turkeys

My children have been known to get creative when it is supposed to be nap time. Today they showed a holiday themed degree of skill when it comes to being a bit naughty. So that the images make perfect sense, let me show you what they made at Temple Beth Chanel last week: These are adorable laminated place mats featuring cut out hand print turkeys decorated with feathers. The concept of making hand print turkeys was also illustrated and burned on their impressionable brains when I had them make these Happy Thanksgiving cards too: Today when I went into get them up from naps Eli and CJ told me they made some more turkeys for me. CJ said Happy Thanksgiving Mommie we love to make turkeys wiff our hands. I beamed with pride and joy until I saw just exactly what they were talking about. These are homemade, spontaneous turkey hands on the wall of their room.
Thanks to a compact of bronzer that Amanda left in the adjoining bathroom this weekend, Eli and CJ had the most sunny shade of brown to make their turkeys look realistic. Turkeys in Sun kissed Bronze #3 and hand prints make for a nice turkey mural don't you think? Happy Thanksgiving everyone- I am off to see my friend Sherwin Williams now to find an appropriate color to cover up sun kissed bronze #3, or maybe I will wait until after they make driedels with blue eye shadow?


Perri said...

Or maybe - -just leave it. Put a frame around it and call it art.

Tanna'sTriplets said...

OMG, what a mess!!!

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