Monday, November 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, We are Jewish

With all the talk of Christmas with lights, trees, santas we have been educating our Jewish kids about what the seasonal stuff is and what it means.

The displays are everywhere we go and they are genuinely curious. Likewise we have been doing the same thing with Menorahs and all the other Hanukkah stuff. We have been coaching them that some people celebrate Hanukkah and some people celebrate Christmas. After every bit of new information they would say, "WHY????"

We even said that it is okay to wish someone a Merry Christmas if that is what they celebrate- it is polite to say it because they are not Jewish and that is "their" holiday. Fair enough, right?

So finally after a few rounds of the Christmas talk and all the blasted "why" we felt like they kind of got it all. WHEW, so many issues and questions to answer ...TIMES THREE!

Then the real test comes when :
A lady at the grocery store says to all of them, "Have a Merry Christmas!" My three, three year olds take turns talking with her- I am fearing the worst!

Eli says, "You can have a merry Christmas, be we can't"

Natalie says, "We celebrate Hanukkah and it is for 8 days with candles that you don't blow out or make a wish like on your birthday"

CJ- "Yeah, your right Natalie Good Job!"

Eli- "We are Jewish not Christmas"

The older woman was just smiling and giggling, she thought it was so adorable, and then she said, " I can't wait to tell all the ladies at church about the Jewish triplets!"

So....before we even get to Thanksgiving this week, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone!
The Queen

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