Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Start at the End...

Whew, we are home. Home Sweet Home. We got back after a whirlwind of activity in the Washington D.C. area. Since I am starting at the end, and working my way back through the events, I just want to comment on how nice it is to come back to routine. Kids sleeping in their own beds- yes, sleeping- and not in the same immediate 300 square foot area as the rest of us. A Gluten Free Pantry stocked with plenty of choices is a comfort and a luxury that until this week, I took for granted. I have never been so excited to see my beautiful front loader, triple capacity washing machine. Tonight, I will fall peacefully asleep in the featherbed covered tempurpedic mattress covered with Frette sheets and my special silk and cashmere throw. While most people relish time in a hotel, they do not do it with 4 kids, an aupair and a husband who is stressed out about business. Home at last. YIPPEE!

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