Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Latin Grammys Remix- Slutsky Style

All of the kids have been watching the Latin Grammy award show for over a week now. Argenida recorded it on the Tivo and my kids can't seem to get enough. They like to put on their own rendition, or "show", and will prance and dance to the Latin Grammys about 120 times a day. The Latin Grammys is the new Dora. This is their cardio. Eli has started using a blanket as his costume and he twirls and uses it like a bullfighter. Play this video by clicking the arrow- this will give you the full show,
CJ and Charlotte clap and jump and shake it like polaroid picture. Natalie likes to sit and watch the girls in their big fluffy dresses and she imitates them by rolling her skirt or dress round and round. Ahhh, having a Latin Aupair has really made an impact. Keep in mind that many Panamanian and Latin Aupairs hang out our house, so it is not just Argenida, but also Argenida and Lany her adorable pal that Jeff and I adore. And to think that two years ago my kids were speaking bit and pieces of Zulu thanks to Yolanda. Now, I have 4 little gringos that have created a remix version of the Latin Grammys. Aye Papi- Oy vey! Cha Cha Cha!

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