Thursday, November 13, 2008

Las Vegas Lucky

Every time Jeff gets booked for a speaking gig in Las Vegas I try to tag along. It is always a romantic reunion of our first date and a stroll down memory lane. I love Las Vegas for everything shiny and loud, sexy, delicious and fun. This past weekend we dined at our favorite, Postrio with a fine bottle of Terrace Hill Estate Pinot Noir, shopped at all my favorite boutiques at the Venetian, The Palazzo and of course the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. Our breathtaking suite at the Bellagio had a wonderful view
of Paris- as in the Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower. Paris, France- Las Vegas, Nevada- what's the difference, right? I was able to enjoy being alone with my husband doing things I can't do alone at home-- like taking a long, luxurious bubble bath without interruption. My Hugh Hefner wanna-be husband lounged about our room in a robe- since this never happens at home, ever, I made him pose for the blog worthy moment.

In all fairness to Las Vegas I must give the shout out to all the tacky and horrible glamour don'ts. Oh, how I do love me some white trash people watching--emmmm hummm, that is some good entertainin. I was only bold enough to take photographic proof of this one example. I called her the purple people eater. Everything from head
to toe was a some G-d Awful, mis-matched, hodge podge shade of purple- as if the shape and style of her outfit was not bad enough, she probably got dressed, looked in the mirror and said, "hmmmm, what else do I have in Purple?"- Gahhhhh, the amazing people watching- it is right up there with Jimmy Choo, Postrio, and Room Service at the Bellagio. So when it comes to Las Vegas folks...Color me in!


Aaryn said...

Wow- that picture of Jeff is awesome....I'm pisching my pants... :)

Jeff Slutsky said...

That's nothing. I was actually pishing in the bed!

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