Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Jewish Wedding

If you think about the hilarious movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it could have easily been My Big Fat Jewish Wedding- because in reality loud, happy, Jewish families are pretty entertaining too. We know how to host a wedding! I just got back from my cousin Melinda's Big wedding. It was gorgeous. Her parents went all out to make the event spectacular. Melinda's grandmother and my grandmother were twin sisters and the wedding was on our Grandmother's 98th birthday. Cool. Very Cool. I am all about sentimental scheduling and this was perfection. There were so many fantastic photo opps, I found myself watching the whole wedding through my camera lens- which is the ultimate compliment. I needed to make sure Grandma and Rachelle who were not able to attend, could share the event with me through the images.

I tried to capture the reception in photos that would make them feel as if they were there in person.

At almost all weddings there are guests that think they are food critics, glamour do's and don'ts, toasts and speeches, precious children all dressed to steal the show, and special memories are made. At Melinda's wedding I could have made a meal from the appetizers and cocktails. I pounded down more than my fair share of spanikopeta, artisan cheeses, fresh fruit, egg rolls, potatoe pancakes with caviar, and these really addictive brie and raspberry mini sandwiches. I enjoyed a few proper cocktails with my husband since he was my date and designated driver. We stood outside the ballroom and shmoozed with the relatives from far and away. This was like prom night for Jeff and me. We got to dress up all fancy, drink booze, see our friends, and dance. Jeff had a pretty good shot at getting lucky afterwards since he had his own hotel room. This was WAY better than his prom a hundred years ago, Yowza! Since the event was Black Tie all the men looked amazing in their tuxedos. The women were dressed in cocktail attire and like usual there was someone with way too much cleavage, someone with a memorable hat, and someone wearing too much perfume. Jeff was quick to show me who won in the best cleavage category and we both agreed on the perfume winner, or should I say loser? As for the hat, there was only one there that was a fashion statement, the rest were worn for religious reasons- so they technically don't count. I have a saying that it is not a real Jewish wedding unless there is a black guy singing Hava Nageliah,
and Jewish people dancing to "Play that funky music, white boy!" It is just my own perosnal inside joke, and I just had to giggle when both happened before dinner was even served. The bride and groom looked so happy and beautiful. As far as dresses go, Melinda could have worn a burlap sack and looked fabulous- the woman is stunning- but her dress made the moment as you can clearly see in the photos. Her flowers
were bursting with Fall color and the tall centerpieces were breathtaking. I figured that if the cake tasted half as good as it looked I would be happy and I was! All of the hoopla and planning was obvious in the finished product. Marsha Goodman can plan my wedding anytime....and by this I only mean that since Jeff and I got married without a formal wedding of sorts, should we decide to renew our vows in the future, Marsha is in charge of the party! The festivities continued the next morning at brunch. This included kids and it was a blast watching all the little cousins meet and greet. Thankfully my hellions sat at the big round table nicely, and they ate like civilized people. I feared the worst and hoped for the best, and they behaved like angels. I did bribe them with chocolate fyi. My kids were absolutely enthralled with the glass elevator.
I swear they rode up and down more than 100 times that morning. When you are three, a glass elevator is on par with Disneyland. We tried our best to capture a photo of the newlyweds with all the wedding guest kids and this is the best of the bunch. You can see that most of the smiles are facing the camera- which given the number of wee ones is a pretty fair representation. Congratulations to Matthew and Melinda- you make a cute couple and your wedding was a smash success. May your marriage be as happy and as crazy as mine! MAZEL TOV!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! It was great seeing you...and meeting the kids....which my kids loved (their cousins). We need to see more of each other. Karen

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