Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hester Prynne and Mitchell Slutsky

Last week Mitchell informed me that he might be getting his "letter" at the end of the season football banquet. I immediately thought of Hester Prynne from Nathaniel Hawthorne's book. Mitchell getting the "letter a" seemed sort of funny to me. I have that warped sense of humor I suppose. Both characters, Mitchell and Hester have officially earned or been given the LETTER "A" to wear. Sadly, Hester Prynne's version from the classic book, The Scarlet Letter has negative meaning and Mitchell Slutsky's Letter "A" has nothing but glory. You see at Columbus Academy a varsity letterman gets to wear an "A". Mitchell was awarded his first Varsity Letter for Football. He is now considered a varsity letterman. As a sophmore this means he can get a ballin varsity letter jacket to let all the babes know he is playa. In addition to his mad skills on the football field, now he will have a leather jacket to help him get women. As if he needs the help? This is the same kid that took two smart, witty, and beautiful blonde dates
to the Columbus Academy homecoming dance last month. Hester's letter stood for adultry, and at the rate this dude is going, this letter may have a double meaning. While Hester had nothing to be proud of, Mitchell has everything to be proud of- this is one amazing kid- Pride wearing his letter "A" has never been more of a winner. Congratulations Mitchell!

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