Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gluten Free Pancakes

From a marketing perspective, offering Gluten Free pancakes is a great way to increase your customer base as a restaurant owner. Putting up a large banner above the door is a good way to flag down people driving by...namely, ME! I almost drove off the road when I saw the words GLUTEN FREE. Needless to say I made sure we patronized the place as a support to their offerings.

I was able to treat CJ to a plate of pancakes in a real restaurant. This is a huge deal to a Celiac Kid. Especially my celiac kid. Thanks to the Original Pancake Restaurant on Rockville Pike, we had two very delicious breakfasts while on vacation.
As you can plainly see, CJ was quite taken with his plate of dollar sized pancakes served with a side of fresh whipped cream. The smile on his face was amazing. He gobbled up his breakfast and proudly proclaimed, DE-WISHUS with every bite. He was actually making the mmmmmm, sound while eating- or should I say gobbling?. When we left he said, "Washington was his faborite place because day have gluten free pancakes dare."

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