Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, and I am taking a moment to list all the reasons I have to be thankful. First there is this silly, amazing and loving family of 9 people in our home. Everyone has their own issues yet we still manage to have side splitting laughter, and make our own wacky fun. There are constant challenges with logistics but overall, I would have never in gazillion years imagined that we would be here- in this zone of peaceful suburban bliss. Oh sure, if you read this blog regularly you already know that we have toddlers shitting on the hard wood floors, a chipmunk living in our garage, Latin divas dancing in our living room and lots of sleepless nights but in general- overall-- GOOD GOOD GOOD times. And to think that less than 7 years ago I was single and in Kansas City and Jeff was a single dad with two kids in Columbus- WOW! Thanks J-Date!

The kids are all happy, healthy and thriving- which a few years ago I was worried about- but now I can move that entire scenario (start to finish) into the thankful column. If we go all the way back to the beginning- we start with Anthony Thomas, the urologist who reversed Jeff's vasectomy and made starting a family an option. Then, we add, Ohio Reproductive Medicine and the docs that helped us get pregnant. Our J-date success story would not be as awesome without the addiitons to our family. A special thanks to the brilliant Dr. Mark Landon at OSU who oversaw my triplet pregnancy and made the diference between being a statistic and being a mom. I thank him for monitoring my high risk pregnancy to the point of viability outside the womb. Add to the list, the NICU team who took care of three fragile, and helpless baby birds and gave them the time and special necessary treatment to grow as if they had been born full term. Just when we thought we had thanked every medical hand, we were side-swiped by CJ's onset of failure to thrive with neurological damage. Thankfully we sought the genius minds of Dr. Sumit Parikh and Dr. Radikkal Krishnahan who believed he was worth saving and pushed for a diagnosis when it would have been easier to label him and move on. They pushed on and on until it was clear that they had solved the problem and thankfully his problem was correctly determined to be Celiac Disease, which is treatable, managable and under control. This chapter is over and I am thankful for all the medical teams who opened and closed it so successfully. I think we can be done with thanking doctors or a while, okay?

Today as the meal is being lovingly prepared I want to thank all my friends and blog readers for giving me the juicy stories and original material to make my days worth writing about- seriously....who else has this much fun every day? Thanks guys- you are the best! Happy Thanksgiving everybody- I hope your day is a silly as mine.

The Queen

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